Hydraulic System Decontamination Service for Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers

Mobil and RIG have teamed up through the MobilServ program to provide the optimum contamination control and varnish mitigation service for critical hydraulic systems. Using state-of-the-art chemistries and purposely-build filtration skids, the service provides restoration of your oil’s performance and cleaning of the lube oil circuit, without shutting down your machine.

How It Works: 

Our proprietary turnkey service shows up at your plant, with all of the technology to allow immediate cleaning of your hydraulic oil systems without requiring machine shutdown.


  • Immediate relief from the negative consequences of oil degradation and varnish
  • Cleaning of machine internals and lube oil system with no downtime required
  • Long-term protection from varnish-formation
  • Reduced waste through oil life extension
  • Improve production yield and decreased scrap rates
  • Lower maintenance costs

Optional Services

  • In situ refortification of the hydraulic oil’s additive system allowing the life of the oil to be extended with enhanced performance

What It Solves:

Varnish is an oil-derived deposit and a common problem in hydraulic systems. It produces a sticky, tenacious residue that plays havoc on the reliable performance of the hydraulic system. Varnish can cause valves to stick, risking the control of the system. It acts as an insulator, preventing the oil from performing its cooling function, resulting in hotter, less efficient systems. Varnish can foul filters, requiring frequent changes. These deposits may also accumulate, plugging up oil lines or heat exchangers.

Contact RIG:

If you could use this service or want to discuss your reliability maintenance needs, call 800-770-4510 or email [email protected]

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