Mitsubushi Siemens Compressor Train

New Ammonia Unit

Project Summary

A new ammonia unit with lubrication system capacities ranging from 100 to 5,200 gallons came with a multitude of contamination opportunities during the installation and fabrication process. (more…)

Mid-Stream Natural Gas Compressor Flushing

Solar Mars 100 Turbine

Project Summary

A new Solar Mars 100 turbine required a lube oil flush for a new cooler at a mid-stream natural gas compressor station. Pickling was not required for this pipeline pre commissioning engineer based project. (more…)

Tire Manufacturer

Oil Analysis & Side Stream Filtration

Project Summary

Developed and implemented a turnkey ISO cleanliness program that increased the reliability of critical hydraulic systems for a global tire manufacturer. (more…)

Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

Managed Reliability Program

Project Summary

Machinery rebuilding costs were rising every year for a plastic molding injection company, with many rebuilds sourcing back to sticking electrical valve issues. (more…)

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