Meet Our Team

Lawrence Spriggs

Lawrence Spriggs (Scoop)
Sr. Division Manager Pre-Commissioning

  • 25+ years in industrial service pre-commission business (all service lines)
  • Supports field personnel with technical and operational questions
  • Internally organizes project execution and data collection
James Shannon

James Shannon
Engineering Manager

  • 35+ years providing engineering design and executing pre-commissioning services worldwide
  • Develops cleaning procedures, CAD drawings, material lists, and engineering calculations
  • Leads training for all developing pre-commissioning engineers
Brian Cummings

Brian Cummings
Logistics & Procurement Manager

  • 25+ years in procurement and mobilization in all facets of the pre-commissioning industry
  • Supports project equipment requirements including fabrication, purchasing and shipping
  • Helps develop accurate packages to reduce client costs
Roger Player

Roger W. Player
Service Solution Division Manager

  • 19+ years experience advising industrial and manufacturing accounts on appropriate pre-commissioning and plant reliability services
  • Leads customer communication and project scoping efforts, including helping clients identify strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities within projects for better outcomes
Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan
Sr. Technical Advisor

  • 30+ years in industrial lubricants services
  • Supports safety, commercial and operation activities for varnish mitigation and oil flushing
  • Regular contributor to Machinery Lubricant Journal
Bruce Krol

Bruce Krol
Manager of Business Development – Pre-Commissioning

  • 22+ years of experience in pre-commissioning and new construction power generation industries
  • Leads project inception, design, sales and operations coordination, and implementation through final project acceptance and invoicing
  • Ensures project schedules remain on track and maintains communication between EPC, plant owners, and technicians
Gregg Alper

Gregg Alper
Sales Managing Partner

  • 30+ years experience leading sales and engineering for global pre-commissioning
  • Currently leads sales and customer relations with a focus on building trust by
    delivering industry leading pre-op services
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