Reservoir and Tank Cleaning

If tanks and reservoirs are not cleaned regularly, they can be the largest source of system-wide contaminates. Bacteria, varnish, sludge easily build up and infect piping, equipment and other ares of the system even when those receive regular maintenance.

Our certified confined space technicians know how to minimize waste and thoroughly remove all contaminates during tank cleaning procedures. We have been trusted for over 30 years to thoroughly clean vessels to ISO cleanliness standards which using environmentally safe disposal methods. Varnish, hydrocarbon vapor and deposits, free oil and other built up deposits are removed, with oil, water and solids are separated for recycling to reduce your hazardous waste disposal fees.

Our certified confined space technicians and OSHA 40-hour trained field laborers provide the following tank and reservoir cleaning services:

  • Varnish mitigation/removal
  • Inspection of all gaskets, suction strainers, breathers, etc.
  • Liquid or solids(dry) vacuum services
  • Hydrolazing and pipline water jetting
  • Separator cleaning
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste transportation and/or effluent neutralization
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning During Decommissioning and Industrial Renovations

Typical types of reservoirs we work with:

  • Above ground storage tank cleaning
  • Fuel and oil tanks
  • Utility manholes
  • Vaults
  • Underground tanks
  • Large-scale tanks
  • ISO and rail-car cleaning

Basic Tank Cleaning Procedure

  1. Full system walk-down and inspection
  2. Complete tank cleaning plan and auxiliary services plan submitted for your review
  3. All equipment shipped to site
  4. Our team manages the turnkey cleaning procedures, setting up all temporary piping and equipment
  5. Filter carts are used after tank cleaning to clean all system lines
  6. Fluid analysis is used to verify that the ISO cleanliness standards have been met
  7. Full documentation is provided to you at the end of the job, including maintenance recommendations for optimal system performance

Extrusion Plant Oil Reclamation and Reservoir Cleaning

RIG was contracted to perform oil reconditioning and tank cleaning on a 3000-Ton Press located at an extrusion plant. The work included supplying temporary storage to hold the AW 100, Confined Space Entry Reservoir Cleaning and Vacuum Dehydration/Filtration. The 48-hour cleaning process removed debris and returned ISO contamination to acceptable levels on a tight timeline.

Pulp and Paper Plants Recieve Thorough Cleaning Services

Cleaned Individual Dryer Bearings, Gearbox casings, Lube oil reservoirs and Lube oil headers for multiple International Paper locations across the United States. Paper machines are highly susceptible to contamination build-up due to open vents on lube oil.


CITGO – Lemont, IL – Provided a combined service consisting of Varnish Mitigation, Reservoir Cleaning and High Velocity Oil Flushing on the Coker Gas Compressor

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