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Our team of certified technicians has over 30 years experience performing pre-commissioning and plant reliability services at plants across the US and around the world. In addition to the services listed in the dropdown, we also provide the following services:

  • Pipe stress analysis to determine loads on equipment that might result from thermal loads and pressures introduced during activities such as steam blowing, air blowing, or HVOF flushing.
  • Degreasing and pickling services paired with chemical cleaning or lube flushing services to ensure pipe, reservior and equipment cleanliness and readiness for operation
  • Surge air/gas flushing as a low-pressure alternative to air blowing
  • Custom engineering design services for designing temporary piping, planning stages of steam/air blow activities, and other aspects of precommissioning and reliability services that benefit from thorough engineering design

Learn more about each of these services below or contact RIG to learn more

800-770-4510   (Domestic)
+1 281-339-5751   (International)


The primary purpose of degreasing is to remove oil and grease residue from piping, reservoirs, tanks, HRSG, boilers, and other industrial equipment.

Our general procedure for degreasing is:

  1. Equipment is filled with high-quality water
  2. An emulsifier is added and circulated through the system at a high temperature
  3. The equipment is drained and rinsed, which removes the oils and greases
  4. Cleanliness is verified and equipment is ready for use

Surge Flushing

This low pressure alternative to steam/air blows is usually used on longer runs of piping and requires no cleaning chemicals. Velocities of 200 ft/s are attained to remove debris, contaminants and semi-adherent materials (does not remove varnish).

The typical setup includes an air reciever, quick opening valve, and temporary piping. If semi-adherent materials are a concern, a small amount of water can be used during the flush to remove them. Cleanliness is approved by the cleanliness of the water/air exiting the pipe and visual inspection of the piping in visual accessible areas.

Pipe Stress Analysis

A pipe stress analysis (thermal flexibility analysis) predicts stresses in piping and loads on equipment resulting from thermal gradients, thermal transients, weights, pressure, and bolt-up strain. This study is typically required for piping that experiences high temperature fluctuations, or for long pipe runs such as hot piping to coolers or headers. Cases where equipment is sensitive to external loads may also require a pipe stress analysis.

Engineering Design

Tight budgets are more of a driving force on our new projects. RIG can provide the design, drawings, and calculations for your projects on a fixed daily rate.

Material Handling

We offer material handling services for your plant, including:

  • Lubricant and oil supply and removal
  • Temporary piping setup and removal
  • Effluent and debris removal

and more. Reach out to the RIG team for additional details and  a quote.


DTE Cogeneration to Solvay Marietta, Ohio: RIG performed chemical cleaning of the boilers, gas line airblowing and steamblows, pipe stress analysis and temporary piping engineering for Solvay.


The RIG team performed citric acid chemical cleaning of the HRSG, gas line air blow to the duct burners and CT. Oil flushing of the CT and Kobelco compressor. and steam blows to the header.

Solar Taurus Varnish Removal

RIG performed varnish mitigation on a Taurus 60 gas turbine. The Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) analysis revealed a level of 27. The lubricant that was used in the system had an estimated nine years of service.The Varnish Absorption System (VAS) was installed to perform side stream filtration on the Solar Taurus 60 gas turbine, and executed continuously throughout the month. Within 2 weeks, MPC was at 14. After three weeks, it was even lower at 5.


Provided High Velocity Oil Flushing Services on multiple compressors including (3) Kobelco Units, Plant 24 Aromax Compressor, K95 80 and Dresser Rand 8105-C Compressor.


Chemical Plant Commissioning project that provided High Velocity Oil Flushing on multiple units during maintenance turnarounds including – LDCU, Wet Gas Compressor and Coker Jet Cutter.

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