Hydrolazing (sometimes called Aqualazing) is a high-pressure water jet cleaning method that can be used to remove mill-scale, construction debris, and process deposits.

The benefits include:

  • Reduces the cleaning times and costs of steam and air blowing services by up to 75%
  • Requires 80% less de-mineralized water
  • Cuts natural gas requirements in half
  • Zero environmental impact because no chemicals are required
  • Shaves 5-8 days off of average steam blowing procedures

Hydrolazing can be effectively used on 2×1 HRSG plant equipment, process equipment experiencing a decline in performance from water contamination or process deposits, and process piping (for lower costs than chemical cleaning). Learn more about our Hydrolazing services below or contact RIG for a quote.

Air Products

Air Products Tees Valley Waste to Energy UK – The RIG team performed chemical cleaning of the HRSG’s, Hydrolazing of the Piping, Oilflushing of the CT’s / STG and steamblows of the headers and to the STG.

First Quantum Minerals

2 blocks Coal Fired Boilers- The RIG team performed chemical cleaning of the boilers, fuel oil piping and condensers. Hydrolazing on Steam, CCW, BFW and Condensate piping. Oil flushing of 2 SKODA STG’s. Impulse steam blows.

Woodville Power Plant

Woodville Power Project Woodville TX – RIG performed chemical cleaning on the boiler, Hydrolazing of the BFW, Cond and Steam piping. Impulse steam blows.

Jaguar Power Plant

Jaguar Coal Fired Power Plant – 2 blocks Coal Fired Boilers- RIG performed chemical cleaning of the boilers. Hydrolazing on Steam, CCW, BFW and Condensate piping. Impulse steam blows.

Progress Energy

Hines Power Block Progress Energy Lakeland, FL – Chemical Plant Commissioning Project- New Combined Cycle project- Nooter Eriksen HRSG’s,  Westinghouse CT’s and STG- Performed citric acid CC, Hydrolazing of all steam piping, airblows on Block 2 and continuous steamblows on Block 3.

Are Hydrolazing, Aqualazing, Aquablasting, and Hydroblasting the same thing?

Yes. They are all names that refer to a high-pressure water jetting method of debris removal.

What PSI is used?

15,000 psi to 20,000 psi is used to remove mill scale from the internal surfaces of pipe.

When should hydrolazing be used?

This process is generally performed on steam piping prior to steam/air blowing of the steam lines to help reduce the time, water, and fuel required to clean the steam piping to an acceptable level required for a turbine manufacturer. Hydrolazing has also been utilized to clean closed cooling water lines, gas lines, and many other lines in the petrochemical, chemical and power industry in a fast and economical method to reduce the amount of waste water generated in the high velocity flushes of those lines. As an added benefit, the water used can be captured and recycled into the Hydrolazing system, conserving this natural resource and limiting waste.

What is hydrolazing?

Hydrolazing is a high pressure water jetting method effective at removing mill scale, construction debris, and process deposits. Water at 15,000-20,000 PSI removes debris without chemicals. Hydrolazing requires 80% less de-mineralized water than chemical cleaning and steam blowing alone and it typically shaves 5-8 days off of a steam blowing procedure when performed first.

What types of equipment is hydrolazing safe to be used on?

Hydrolazing is an effective pre-commission and plant reliability service that is appropriate for:

  • 2×1 HRSG plants
  • Process equipment experiencing degraded performance from water contamination or process deposits
  • Process pipes, which it can clean at a lower cost than chemical cleaning methods
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