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The Complete Field Guide to Lubricant Maintenance & Troubleshooting

The more contaminates floating around your fluids, the more wear and tear your systems and equipment take. To know  whether you are putting machines at risk, you have to know what contaminate levels are safe. Use this guide to learn how to: Correctly identify, analyze and improve lube oil contamination problems Interpret and set ISO code targets [...]

Varnish Removal

What Is Varnish? Before we discuss how to remove varnish buildup, it is important to understand what it is and how it occurs. As oil is heated and cooled under normal operations, oxidation in lubricants and additives creates organic by-products. This results in the formation of soft, sticky, polar insoluble particles floating in the oil […]

Is Your Hydraulic Fluid Getting Darker? Here’s What To Do

Hydraulic fluid is the lifeblood of your system, keeping everything lubricated and ensuring smooth machinery operation. It’s critical to regularly test your fluid to ensure contaminate levels are below ISO cleanliness levels and lubricant is circulating properly throughout your system. Unmonitored changes to your fluid could produce harmful effects that impact your system performance. But […]

New Technologies Drive Better Cleaning Procedures

Pre-cleaning and regular maintenance of piping, critical system components, and lube oil systems are critical to extending the life of equipment and ensuring safe operations. But every minute we spend cleaning means our plants are not operational. Fortunately, innovations in the pre-commissioning and preventive maintenance industries are helping speed cleaning processes up while improving equipment longevity. Some […]

When To Use Steam Blowing vs. Air Blowing

When and why to use steam vs. air blowing is not always easy to tell. Both are good methods and have their use cases. Generally, air blowing is a less stressful method of cleaning than steam blowing, but it doesn’t do quite as thorough a job. Usually, the level of contamination and your target ISO […]

How To Reduce Noise and High Temperatures During Steam Blowing

Steam blowing is critical if you want to ensure piping, boilers, and gas turbines are not contaminated with mill scale, debris and grease before full operation. With proper steam blows, you can protect your turbines and plant equipment from damage upon startup or operation, potentially saving millions in repairs and unplanned downtime. This procedure forces […]

Six Ways To Verify Oil Flushing Success

It can be daunting to try to verify the results of an oil flush. Particles as small as 2 microns can damage your equipment, but the human eye strains to see particles 30-40 microns in width. Besides super human eyesight or giant coke bottle glasses, we have six reliable ways you can personally verify your […]

Pre-Commissioning: The most critical step

The most delicate moment in a plant project is between fabrication/construction and plant startup. Process systems and other critical equipment must be moved, installed, hooked up to utilities and set up correctly for a smooth startup. But surprisingly, it’s not problems in any of those areas that often cause bad or even failed starts. Poor […]

How to Choose a Plant Maintenance Contractor

It can be hard to tell which plant maintenance contractors are a good fit for your needs and trustworthy to hire. Online reviews, websites and experience can be fabricated in a few quick keystrokes, so understanding who you are inviting into your facility can be tricky. Here are a few key actions you can take […]

Why You Should Be Hydrolazing Before Steam & Air Blows

Hydrolazing, sometimes also called Aqualazing, is a newer turnaround service that can drastically enhance the results of steam and air blowing. This high pressure water jetting method is effective at removing mill scale, construction debris, and process deposits. Benefits of hydrolazing include: Reduces the cleaning times and costs of steam and air blowing services by […]

PetrolinkUSA and Cogen Cleaning Technology Join to Form Reliable Industrial Group

HOUSTON, Texas – (Business Wire) October 30th, 2018 - PetrolinkUSA and Cogen Cleaning Technology have joined forces to expand the current platform of industrial reliability and global pre-commission services. The new name of the holding company for the two brands is Reliable Industrial Group (http://www.therigteam.com). Bringing together PetrolinkUSA and Cogen Cleaning Technology will expand the [...]

Our RIG Leadership Mindset

At RIG, we take pride in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance done the right way. We apply hard work, intentional thought, integrity, and transparency every day to deliver the quality service our clients rely on. To consistently meet that standard day in and day out, it takes a world-class team. And it takes a leadership approach [...]

Is Self Performing Flushes Costing You?

Self-Performing vs Flushing Contractor Cost savings on hourly rates of internal labor vs. contract personnel is only a small portion of the flushing expense. There are many factors to take into account that are not quantified in the hourly rate. Most specifically is time. The total hours which can be impacted by flushing a unit […]

Foreign Material Exclusion

What is Foreign Material? To put it in a simply, Foreign Material is any material that does not belong. For this discussion, we are going to focus on industrial lubricants and service contractors. Common Foreign Materials in this category can include anything from: Particulates Comingled lubricants Lint / fibers Moisture Where does foreign material come […]

RIG Emphasis on Pre-Commissioning Safety

At RIG, pre-commissioning safety is paramount, and we have put measures in place to reduce the risk of injury and damage to personnel and equipment. Safety is important to us because it protects our crew (whom we like, or else we wouldn’t employ them) and it protects you from liability and risk. Our crew takes [...]

The #1 Thing Most EPC’s Forget that Will Cost You Later

Did you remember to plan access points for pre-commissioning and cleaning procedures? You would be surprised how many EPC’s can’t answer this with a yes. Why does it matter? Can’t we just find a way to get in there and clean the system anyway? Closed systems with no access points at all are fairly common. [...]

Challenges to Combined-Cycle Plant Steam Blowing Procedures

Combined cycle plants using gas and steam turbines in parallel present a special set of challenges during cleaning. Any missed debris can cause millions of dollars of damage to the steam turbine if the procedure is performed incorrectly, and variances in pressure tolerance between a steam and gas turbine often mean steam blowing must be […]

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