The Reliable Industrial Group (RIG) team is an experienced group of certified plant technicians that have been providing plant pre-commissioning and reliability services for over 35 years. Air blowing, steam blowing, lube oil flushing, chemical cleaning and more; our team can be relied upon to lower your ISO contaminate counts, ensure piping and new systems are contaminate free, and extend the life of your equipment.

See our individual services below or contact us for more information.

Pre-Commission Services

We are your global pipeline pre commissioning engineer service partner to ensure the startup of your systems goes smoothly and cleanly. An internationally recognized top contractor for Bechtel and other large EPC companies, we are a turnaround consulting service that provides professional quality, engineered, and safe pre-op cleaning services. As a pre commissioning unit, we provide a complete range of pre-commission cleaning services, and our turnaround services keep things on schedule and within budget.

Total Predictive Maintenance Services

A leader amongst predictive maintenance companies, we help our customers find the right combination of fluid cleaning technologies to prolong equipment life and reduce required maintenance on critical equipment. We deliver turnaround solutions on time, on budget and to the highest safety standards. Learn more about our predictive maintenance services and individual turnaround services below.

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