Equipment Fleet


With the combined entities of CCT Cogen Global, PetrolinkUSA and Energy Services International, The Reliable Industrial Group (RIG) has mobile assets strategically placed throughout the world. Typically, we can mobilize our assets within 24–72 hours for any industrial predictive maintenance or industrial preventative maintenance project.

Below is a short summary of our mobile maintenance equipment:

RIG Vacuum Dehydration Unit

  • Fluid Pumping Equipment: Range of flow rates from 8 gpm to 6000 gpm. Electric VFD controlled or diesel driven with discharge pressures up to 20,000 psig.
  • Stainless Steel Filtration Units: A complete range of units, from single bags up to 24 bag vessels allowing for continuous flow while changing filtration. RIG is also equipped to run beta 1000 micro-glass filtration for finer filtration after a coarse filtration process.
  • Hydrolazing Units: Capable of 500’ piping runs while navigating 90 degree turns. RIG has a global fleet ready to support our clients wherever their projects may be located.
  • Steam Blowing Equipment: RIG has the largest fleet of steam blow equipment strategically placed to meet our client’s needs with the capability to execute over 30 concurrent projects.
  • Laser Particle Counters: RIG keeps an inventory of calibrated laser particle counters to analyse contamination levels on all fluid flushing projects we engineer and service.
  • Hydrostatic Testing Equipment: A comprehensive offering of fill pumps, pressurization pumps and hoses, as well as all required instrumentation including chart recorders, dead-weights and calibrated gauges.
  • Vacuum Dehydration Units: The RIG fleet includes NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 skids available for rental or purchase. Flow rates of 5 gpm to 30 gpm. RIG’s experienced technician are also available to operate the units for your project.
  • Varnish Removal Units: Rental of Varnish Absorption Systems capable of reducing your varnish MPC and particle count values online. RIG units utilize Resin Based Polar Attracting and Micro-glass Particulate removal technology. Our fleet has NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 units available to assist with your varnish mitigation strategies.
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