RIG Sales Deck

Learn more about RIG and the services we provide by downloading the RIG Sales Deck.

RIG Brochure

Learn more about RIG and the services we provide by downloading the RIG Brochure.

Hydraulic System Decontamination Services

Mobil and RIG have teamed up through the Mobil Serv program to provide the optimum contamination control and varnish mitigation service for critical hydraulic systems. Using state-of-the-art chemistries and purpose-built filtration skids, the service provides restoration of your oil’s performance and cleaning of the lube oil circuit, with- out shutting down your machine.

360 TotalScrub Tank Cleaning Systems

You could see a savings of 24-36 hours of cleaning time per vessel using RIG’s Tank TotalScrub System. The system sprays oil in a 360 rotation, allowing the run-down tank interior to be simultaneously “washed” with the flushing oil.

ISO Cleanliness Guide

This is an example of a chart that RIG may use to reference key factors and determine acceptable ISO codes and particle ranges.

Oil Distributor Program Overview

Escape the price wars and learn how a partnership with RIG improves your profit margin by downloading this Oil Distributor Program overview.

Sample Lube Oil Flush Process and Procedure

Learn about RIG technicians’ process and procedure for performing a High Velocity Hot Oil Flush by downloading this sample Lube Oil Flush Process and Procedure PDF.

Sample Job Report for Hydrolazing

Hydrolazing sample job report for a Global EPC 2×1 Power Gen Station in Louisiana.

ISO Cleanliness Shutdown Program

RIG works with you based on the needs of your equipment and systems using a step-by-step program. See an example.

Varnish Removal Systems

See the benefits of Varnish Removal Systems (VRS) technology—examples included.

Best-In-Class Lube Program

Learn about the Best-In-Class Lubrication Program—includes an Overview and Element Details.

Embedded Technician Program

Overview of RIG’s Embedded Technician Program—Recruiting, Hiring, Training & Implementing the program locally.

Gas Processing Maintenance

Which services should you be performing and how often? This chart lays out an optimal maintenance schedule for Gas Processing Plants.


See the benefits of Hydrolazing and why you should be including it before steam & air blows.

Fluid Analysis Field Guide

Get the in-depth Fluid Analysis Field Guide for measuring, analyzing & improving lubricant condition.

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