Cogeneration Facilities (CHP)

Solar Turbines Aftermarket Group


Project Summary

RIG has teamed up with the Solar Aftermarket Team to identify and mitigate varnish deposits from turbines across the United States. RIG has effectively mitigated varnish from power plants within colleges, municipal power facilities, gas plants and manufacturing facilities. In most cases RIG can reduce varnish levels within a month while the system is in operation. If you are experiencing varnish in your lubricant call us today: 800-770-4510


Dresser Rand – Siemens

Snyder, TX

Project Summary

RIG was contracted as a partner to Dresser Rand (a Siemens Company) to perform oil flushing services on a Turbodyne Steam Turbine. (more…)


Solvay, OH

Project Summary

DTE Cogeneration to Solvay Marietta, Ohio – performed chemical cleaning of the boilers, gas line airblowing and steamblows to the steam Host Solvay. See all precommission & reliability services


Wilmington, CA

Project Summary

Valero Cogen Wilmington CA – performed citric acid chemical cleaning of the HRSG, gas line air blow to the duct burners and CT. Oil flushing of the CT and Kobelco Compressor. Steam blows to the header.

Solar Taurus Varnish

Solar Taurus 60 Gas Turbine Cogeneration Facility

Project Summary

Facilitated varnish mitigation on a Taurus 60 gas turbine. The Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) analysis revealed (more…)

Power Plant GE Turbine HVOF

Indianapolis, IN

Project Summary

Contracted to perform a high velocity hot oil flush of the General Electric turbine at a Power Plant in Indianapolis, IN. (more…)

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