Mid-Stream Natural Gas Compressor Flushing

Project Summary

A new Solar Mars 100 turbine required a lube oil flush for a new cooler at a mid-stream natural gas compressor station. Pickling was not required for this pipeline pre commissioning engineer based project. and screens were periodically inspected until API 614 pipe cleanliness standards were successfully met.

On this project the piping diameter was:

  • 4” 150# ANSI to and from the cooler
  • 8” 150# ANSI vent pipe to the demister
  • 4” 150# ANSI short runs of piping

The High Velocity Oil Flush (HVOF) performed resulted in the oil meeting an ISO 4406 code of 16/14/12 as per Solar specification 2184, Rev D.

This project was an example of how RIG uses predictive maintenance in manufacturing to give our clients turnaround results.

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