Get Major Efficiency Gains with Newly Announced Mobil SHC 918 EE Turbine Oil

Are you running a GE Frame 9H, 7HA, 7FA or 6FA?

Did you know that you can increase your turbine bearing efficiency by 15% by switching to the Mobil SHC 918 EE Turbine Oil?

Developed together with GE and Mobil, Mobil’s SHC 918 EE is the first product to meet GE’s rigorous energy efficient turbine oil specification, GEK 121603.

GE gas turbines operate at high power output that can thermally stress a lubricant resulting in filter plugging and valve sticking, shorter oil life, and reduced reliability. The carefully balanced combination of base oils and additives in Mobil SHC 918 EE are designed to limit the occurrence of varnish formation in the hydraulic and hydrogen seal systems of these GE turbines. The keep-clean performance in combination with a high level of oxidation and thermal stability help provide long and reliable turbine performance.

The energy efficiency design is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation. The energy efficiency of Mobil SHC 918 EE relates solely to the fluid performance when compared to conventional ISO 32 VG turbine oils. Mobil SHC 918 EE improved turbine overall efficiency by approximately 0.09% due to a 15% reduction in bearing frictional energy losses when compared to a conventional ISO VG 32 turbine oil in GE-designed bearing rig, GE Frame 7HA test stand and GE Frame 7FA & 6FA field demonstrations.

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  1. C Boyd says:

    ….improve turbine BEARING EFFICIENCY by up to 15 percent compared to conventional ISO VG 32 turbine oils.

    1. Maria Lusardi says:

      Thanks. We did make a mistake in the blog above and have corrected. Appreciate the feedback!

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