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Visit with Mobil Serv | RIG at the 7F Users Group Conference

We are excited to be attending the GE 7F Users Group Conference from May 23-27, 2022 at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel.

The RIG team will be onsite Tuesday in Booth T-51 – see the Floor Plan here.

In addition, ExxonMobil will be presenting on at 11:00am on Tuesday, May 24th. The presentation “Mobil Solvancer: Improving Turbine Reliability and Reducing Cost of Operation Through Advanced Cleaning Technologies,” will cover some of the great results we’ve been able to achieve with the Mobil Serv | RIG team and our implementation of Solvancer for varnish mitigation since it came to the North American market in late 2021.

Learn more about the conference here.

Come See RIG at POWERGEN International & Distributech 2022

Reliable Industrial Group will be attending POWERGEN International & DISTRIBUTECH International May 23-25th in Dallas, Texas. Come see us in Booth:4516 for our umbrella company, Blue Wolf Performance Solutions. We are excited to be a part of these events and see some of our power generation & electric distribution customers in person, meet new people in the industry, and learn more about industry trends, technologies and challenges.

Are you attending POWERGEN or DISTRIBUTECH International? We will be hosting “Cantina Nite” on May 23rd from 3pm-6pm at booth 4516. If you are attending the show, we would love to see you there!

You can also visit with our sister-companies at the same booth:

RSVP for Cantina Nite on our Linkedin event.

Blue Wolf Performance Solutions Acquires Reliable Industrial Group (RIG)

Blue Wolf Performance Solutions (“Blue Wolf”), a national industrial cleaning and maintenance services provider, announced that it has acquired Reliable Industrial Group (“RIG”), a company that specializes in plant maintenance and pre-commissioning services based in Houston, TX. 

The acquisition announcement was made by Tim Hennigan, CEO of Blue Wolf: “We are very excited to welcome RIG to the Blue Wolf platform. RIG’s capabilities will support our efforts in expanding our service offerings into lube oil flushing and other related service lines as well as establishing a turnkey pre-commissioning offering.”

Hydrocarbon Filtration & Fleet of Oil Filtration Systems Joins RIG

Reliable Industrial Group (RIG) and Hydrocarbon Filtration have joined forces to expand the current platform of industrial reliability and pre-commission services with the addition of oil filtration systems & dehydration units.

The addition of Hydrocarbon Filtration allows RIG to expand services with a fleet of rental equipment along with proven capabilities to manufacture high-quality industrial filtration systems, dehydration units, and other equipment for RIG’s growing customer base. “In partnership with RIG, ExxonMobil provides industrial operators with an end-to-end solution for a range of maintenance services across a plant’s entire lifecycle,” said Aileen Wang, North America Field Engineering Services Manager, ExxonMobil. “We look forward to providing even more value to our operators by incorporating Hydrocarbon’s best-in-class filtration services into our already robust Mobil Servsm Integrated Lubrication Services offer.”

RIG’s strategy remains focused on bringing proven processes, engineering, training, and technology to expand market share and deliver reliable services and equipment to customers.

Hydrocarbon Filtration designs and manufactures the latest in cutting edge oil filtration systems, vacuum dehydration units, varnish absorption systems, and hydraulic oil reclamation equipment. They specialize in the filtration, cleaning, and reclamation of hydrocarbon based fluids such as turbine lube oil, hydraulic oil, engine oil, gear oil, light & heavy fuel oils, fire retardant hydraulic fluids, dielectric – transformer fluids, heat transfer fluids, gasoline, solvents and many fluid chemicals.

Hydrocarbon Filtration also removes light hydrocarbons from water for water polishing applications. They offer a wide variety of oil filtration systems and purification systems to solve a multitude of contamination issues ranging from, particulate, water, dissolved solvents – gasses, varnish and acid or pH reduction. In addition, they specialize in technologies including vacuum purification, dehydration and distillation; electrostatic – ion exchange; coalescing & cohesive bonding; absorption & adsorption; and direct particle interception and capture.

Duke Cooper, President and Owner of Hydrocarbon Filtration, is recognized as an industry thought leader with over 30 years of experience designing, engineering and manufacturing industrial oil filtration systems. “RIG has been a valued customer of Hydrocarbon Filtration for years. We have always been closely aligned. This will allow both companies to meet growing market demand. With an increased rental fleet of equipment and RIG’s inventory of specialty fittings, equipment and national footprint we can serve customers with full turnkey services and rental of equipment and fittings to meet our clients’ needs on critical path projects,” said Duke Cooper.

“We are happy to have Duke and his team join our platform of companies because this continues to put our customers first by providing industry leading filtration equipment with experienced service and engineering to meet the growing market demand. Mr. Cooper will remain with Hydrocarbon Filtration and his team will is a valued part of our growth,” said Jason Bandy, President Reliable Industrial Group.

About Reliable Industrial Group (RIG)

Reliable Industrial Group (RIG) ( has locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, with primary service operation in Houston, Texas. RIG performs technically advanced, highly specialized industrial pre-commission cleaning, oil flushing, chemical cleaning, varnish mitigation, steam and air blows, hydrolazing and other emergency, pre and post operational decontamination services to guarantee system cleanliness on critical turbine, compressor and hydraulic systems in North America. The company was founded in 1989 and is experiencing consistent growth by providing the market with technically trained operators and engineers. For more information please contact [email protected].

Elden Consulting & Industrial Chemical Cleaning Services Joins Reliable Industrial Group (RIG)

HOUSTON, Texas –

Industrial chemical cleaning and lube oil flushing company Elden Consultants & Industrial Services has joined Reliable Industrial Group (RIG) enhancing RIG’s service offering with Elden’s in-house experts. With over twenty years of industrial system cleaning and commissioning services, Elden’s team brings efficient processes and a unique methodology developed over decades of experience.

Primarily an engineering house, Elden has a strong background in piping engineering and design, flow dynamics, and effective methods of industrial chemical cleaning and pre-commission services that help customers reach cleanliness levels on time, on budget, and using safe and proven approaches. This matches RIG approach to reliability and commissioning services which focuses on safety, efficiency, providing superior services, and building valued partnerships with customers.

“Elden’s engineering and operational expertise will be used to enhance RIG’s suite of services which include lube oil flushing, industrial chemical cleaning, steam blowing, and other pre-commission and reliability services. By expanding internal engineering capabilities, RIG will be able to further serve customers’ needs around lubrication management, turnaround service planning, asset and equipment life-extension, emergency services and more”, said Keith Stanisewski Partner at Elden Consulting and Industrial Services.

This addition also expands Reliable Industrial Groups service center network, providing more resources in the Northeastern region of the United States. In addition, Elden brings experience in municipal water and wastewater systems, pharmaceuticals, and commercial buildings that add some additional markets to RIG’s current portfolio.

“We are delighted to add the Elden team and their considerable expertise to our team at RIG. Their background and methodologies align very well with our approach to servicing our clients’ needs on critical path projects. This also accelerates our capabilities in several markets we are starting to do regular work in, including nuclear power plants, municipal water plants and pharmaceutical & medical facilities,” said Jason Bandy, President of Reliable Industrial Group.

About Reliable Industrial Group (RIG)

Reliable Industrial Group (RIG) ( has locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, with primary service operation in Houston, Texas. RIG performs technically advanced, highly specialized industrial pre-commission cleaning, lube oil flushing, industrial chemical cleaning, varnish mitigation, steam and air blows, hydrolazing and other emergency, pre and post operational decontamination services to guarantee system cleanliness on critical turbine, compressor and hydraulic systems in North America. The company was founded in 1989 and is experiencing consistent growth by providing the market with technically trained operators and engineers. For more information please contact [email protected].

Mine Shovel Inspections Save Millions in Repairs and Provide Other Benefits

Did you know that through our partnership with Exxon Mobil Serv program we provide mining shovel inspections? An on-site technician performs regular inspections and provides insights that will optimize performance and improve equipment life.

In working with one customer over the past year, many recommendations and simple repairs have been made including replacement of failed injectors, damaged hoses, leaks, dry pins, bad hitch pins (missing bolts), and house rollers failure.

This is estimated to have helped this customer:

  • Reduce OSHA exposure hours by 700+ over the year by preventing downtime and lengthy repairs
  • Improve the mine’s impact on the environment and provide cost savings by reducing oil consumption by 15,885 Gallons
  • And add $2,163,446 in revenue to the bottom line by extending equipment life and uptime

How are these benefits calculated? The cost of prevented repairs, man-hours, downtime and leaking lubricant is calculated. Most inspections reveal small repairs that can be done now that prevent larger repairs, such as properly greasing the undercarriage so you don’t have to replace the whole thing in a year.

Here are two example cases from the past year:

  • A potential fire and $1,980,000 in estimated savings were prevented when it was found that a housing was flooded with grease and oil and the shovels had:
    • Critically dry point sheaves
    • Grease injectors throttled to less than 10% of required lubrication
    • Contaminated house roller
    • Interior compartment flooded with oil and grease due to a leaky hoist
    • Various failed injectors
    • A broken bolt on the front load roller
  • $450,000 in impending repairs was prevented when our inspector found:
    • Damaged and broken grease lines to point sheaves, leaving them dry
    • Several critical undercarriage components that were close to failure due to a lack of lubrication including idlers, tumblers and load rollers
    • Lube injectors and lube feed blocks that were not properly functioning
    • Weld breakage and broken ladder adjustments posing a potential injury threat
    • Additional cracks and missing bolts in the hoist case and boom attachments

If you are interested in our embedded tech program, shovel inspections, or lubrication management, please reach out to the RIG team: 800-770-4510 or [email protected]



New Mobil Solvancer Product Makes Removing Varnish a Breeze

Exxon Mobil has announced the introduction of Mobil Solvancer to the North American market. This product builds on Fluitec’s DECON technology to make removing varnish and other organic deposits much easier.

This is an oil-soluble cleaner designed for:

  • Gas and steam turbine applications
  • Compressors
  • Hydraulic systems

It can be added to in-service oils to quickly dissolve varnish and organic deposits. This helps to maintain system cleanliness and optimize reliability. It has one of the lowest* treat rates in the industry, which can extend protection of equipment for more than one year, thus allowing operators to optimize overhaul-to-overhaul periods.

You can read the full announcement here. 

If you are struggling with varnish, high MPC scores, sticky valves, or other contaminates in your lubrication systems, RIG can help. Reach out today to discuss specifics: 800-770-4510 or [email protected]

Hydraulic System Decontamination Service for Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturers

Mobil and RIG have teamed up through the MobilServ program to provide the optimum contamination control and varnish mitigation service for critical hydraulic systems. Using state-of-the-art chemistries and purposely-build filtration skids, the service provides restoration of your oil’s performance and cleaning of the lube oil circuit, without shutting down your machine.

How It Works: 

Our proprietary turnkey service shows up at your plant, with all of the technology to allow immediate cleaning of your hydraulic oil systems without requiring machine shutdown.


  • Immediate relief from the negative consequences of oil degradation and varnish
  • Cleaning of machine internals and lube oil system with no downtime required
  • Long-term protection from varnish-formation
  • Reduced waste through oil life extension
  • Improve production yield and decreased scrap rates
  • Lower maintenance costs

Optional Services

  • In situ refortification of the hydraulic oil’s additive system allowing the life of the oil to be extended with enhanced performance

What It Solves:

Varnish is an oil-derived deposit and a common problem in hydraulic systems. It produces a sticky, tenacious residue that plays havoc on the reliable performance of the hydraulic system. Varnish can cause valves to stick, risking the control of the system. It acts as an insulator, preventing the oil from performing its cooling function, resulting in hotter, less efficient systems. Varnish can foul filters, requiring frequent changes. These deposits may also accumulate, plugging up oil lines or heat exchangers.

Contact RIG:

If you could use this service or want to discuss your reliability maintenance needs, call 800-770-4510 or email [email protected]

Get Major Efficiency Gains with Newly Announced Mobil SHC 918 EE Turbine Oil

Are you running a GE Frame 9H, 7HA, 7FA or 6FA?

Did you know that you can increase your turbine bearing efficiency by 15% by switching to the Mobil SHC 918 EE Turbine Oil?

Developed together with GE and Mobil, Mobil’s SHC 918 EE is the first product to meet GE’s rigorous energy efficient turbine oil specification, GEK 121603.

GE gas turbines operate at high power output that can thermally stress a lubricant resulting in filter plugging and valve sticking, shorter oil life, and reduced reliability. The carefully balanced combination of base oils and additives in Mobil SHC 918 EE are designed to limit the occurrence of varnish formation in the hydraulic and hydrogen seal systems of these GE turbines. The keep-clean performance in combination with a high level of oxidation and thermal stability help provide long and reliable turbine performance.

The energy efficiency design is a trademark of Exxon Mobil Corporation. The energy efficiency of Mobil SHC 918 EE relates solely to the fluid performance when compared to conventional ISO 32 VG turbine oils. Mobil SHC 918 EE improved turbine overall efficiency by approximately 0.09% due to a 15% reduction in bearing frictional energy losses when compared to a conventional ISO VG 32 turbine oil in GE-designed bearing rig, GE Frame 7HA test stand and GE Frame 7FA & 6FA field demonstrations.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at [email protected]

Significantly Reduce Required Man Hours for Vessel Cleaning with New Patented Process

Using our new 360 TotalScrub Tank Cleaning Systems, you could see a savings of 24-36 hours of cleaning time per vessel.

RIG’s Tank TotalScrub System sprays oil in a 360 rotation, allowing the run-down tank interior to be simultaneously “washed” with the flushing oil.

This technology allows for:

  • Savings of 24-36 hours of cleaning time per vessel
  • Concurrent high-velocity oil flushing and tank cleaning
  • Complete cleaning of all interior tank surfaces
  • Removal of contaminates including varnish, deposits, and sediment
  • Successful cleaning of oil systems to ISO recommended levels

The system has the ability to coat and clean all internal surfaces during HVOF. For more information or further details, contact the RIG team: [email protected] or 800-770-4510.

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