Significantly Reduce Required Man Hours for Vessel Cleaning with New Patented Process

Using our new 360 TotalScrub Tank Cleaning Systems, you could see a savings of 24-36 hours of cleaning time per vessel.

RIG’s Tank TotalScrub System sprays oil in a 360 rotation, allowing the run-down tank interior to be simultaneously “washed” with the flushing oil.

This technology allows for:

  • Savings of 24-36 hours of cleaning time per vessel
  • Concurrent high-velocity oil flushing and tank cleaning
  • Complete cleaning of all interior tank surfaces
  • Removal of contaminates including varnish, deposits, and sediment
  • Successful cleaning of oil systems to ISO recommended levels

The system has the ability to coat and clean all internal surfaces during HVOF. For more information or further details, contact the RIG team: [email protected] or 800-770-4510.

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